Monday, 04/12/2021
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We found the right intersection of affordability and quality care and it’s not likely that you’ll find this spot looking with a jumbo carrier. They don’t look at healthcare the same way we do. They don’t carve out new paths to get to a better destination for their customers and members like we do. They’re pretty busy being big. We’re busy getting it right.

We think the ideal partnership puts you in the driver's seat and puts us at your side, as your trusted navigator.
• You tell us where your employees prefer to work, and we’ll create an affordable healthcare network that provides them robust access to in-network providers, specialists, and health care facilities.
• You want an affordable benefits package that includes offerings like pharmacy and telemedicine solutions, and we’ll deliver an integrated solution complete with care coordination and administrative services.
• You tell us what data you need to help you make the ongoing decisions about the health of your workforce and the effectiveness of your health plan. We’ll quickly send you standardized reports or ask you how you’d like to see that data packaged to better suit your needs. Moreover, our team of experts will regularly meet with you to offer insight and recommendations.
• You demand service excellence and 24/7 support and we deliver with mobile, online, and telephonic customer support and self-serve tools including secure employer and member portals, and a HCH Rx mobile app.
You want to receive the health care savings from all this planning and alignment, and we say, “Of course!”. After all, it’s your health plan.